The Tortoise Pads Story

Family owned and run. Tortoise Pads was conceived when the founder, Keith Jacobson (pictured right), decided to start skateboarding at age 55 because he wanted to hang out with his 12-year-old son at the skate park. For him having the best pads was not an option, it was a necessity. He quickly found out that the sports industry was severely lacking in quality, high impact hip and butt pads. That’s when he started making his own.

Keith spent months in his garage designing and modifying his padded shorts. He used his experience as a material science engineer to developed his multi-density foam configuration. The result was a product that provides both high-level protection and comfort. Keith carefully selected the pad shapes and spacing to give the user a complete range of motion with maximum coverage. Tortoise Pads is dedicated to making sure that you are protected, no matter what sport you participate in. We’re working OUR butts off to save YOURS.

About Tortoise Pads - Keith Skateboarding

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