T2 High Impact Protection Padded Shorts with Multi-Layer/Multi-Density Pads


  • The best protection in the industry – for skateboarding, inline skating, derby, snowboarding, scooters, and BMX.
  • T2 pads cover more of your hips and butt – and with longer-lasting pads – than any other impact shorts.
  • Firmer Foam For More Aggressive Applications
  • Pads Thickness: Adult sizes come with 1/2″ thick glute and leg pads and 5/8″ thick tailbone and hip pads which can be reduced to 1/2″ thick. Youth Small, Y-M and Y-L sizes come with 1/2″ thick pads. Youth X-Small comes with 3/8″ thick glute, hip and leg pads and a 1/2″ thick tailbone pad.
  • Flexible Multi-Layer Design
  • Multi-Density Protection
  • Breathable Power Mesh Spandex Shorts
  • Pad Pockets Made With Max-Dri Moisture Management Anti-Microbial Fabric
  • 7 Pad Protection System
  • Need to figure out your size? Check out our T2 Sizing Chart

This product comes packaged with 7 sets of multi-layer pads. For more protection use our 1/4″ (6.3 mm) Add-Ons to create thicker pads.


T2 Sizing Chart

Check your sizing before you order

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Multiple Layers of Protection

Our T2 impact protection shorts contain a uniquely engineered multi-density high impact EVA foam configuration which gives greater protection while minimizing foam thickness. The denser layers of foam dissipate and absorb more of the impact’s energy. The softer layers provide cushioning as well as additional protection between you and the ground. The combination of the two results in a pad that will take a bigger impact and will help reduce the number of injuries you might get from falling.

Impact protection shorts variable thickness 1/2" pads

Foam configuration & colors may vary from picture

Need More Protection? Get our 1/4″ (6.3 mm) Add-On Pads

Flexible Multi-Layer Design

Our multiple layer design and durable spandex pockets allow our foam to constantly reshape, creating pads that move the way you do.

seven piece impact protection pad set for padded shorts

T2 Impact Protection Shorts – Ergonomic Mobility and Comfort

We have engineered and crafted our impact protection shorts with the perfect spacing to allow for a complete range of motion. The design minimizes the gaps between pads while providing maximum coverage. All seven pads are made with flexible independent layers. This produces a contoured fit that keeps the pads right where you need them to be, while maintaining the cushioning you need to protect yourself.

Articulated Hip Protection System

The combined hip pad and upper leg pad allows total leg movement while covering a large area around the hip joint and the upper leg. The two pads interlock when falling with a straight leg to create one long pad. If you fall with a bent leg the lower pad wraps around the front of the hip pad creating an “L” shaped pad. Both configurations provide maximum coverage of the hip and upper leg area.

T2 Impact Protection padded shorts

Breathable Mesh Shorts with Max-Dri Moisture Management Anti-Microbial Pockets

Tortoise Pads® impact protection shorts are made from a durable Nylon-Spandex power mesh fabric that maximizes airflow and provides great breathability. The Poly-Spandex pockets have MAX-DRI Moisture Management Technology with MicroBlok Anti-Microbial treatment. The MAX-DRI technology has enhanced fibers with excellent wicking capabilities that pull moisture away from both your skin and the power mesh shorts. This fabric will aid in the evaporation and cooling process and will help keep you dry and comfortable in hot conditions. The MicroBlok Anti-Microbial finish inhibits the growth of bacteria and helps prevents odor.

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