T2 and EZ Rider Sizing

Tortoise Pads T2 and EZ Rider Sizing Chart

T2 and EZ Rider Padded Shorts have pockets on the outside of the shorts to access the pads. If your shorts have slits on the inside then you have the Original Tortoise Pads Shorts. CLICK HERE for the Original Shorts Sizing Chart.

Step 1) Measure your Waist and Hips

Waist – Measure around your torso just below your belly button. This is where the top of the shorts will most likely be worn. Use a flexible tape measure or a piece of string making sure to keep it parallel to the ground.

Hips – Measure around the widest part of your hips or butt, whichever is largest.

Step 2) Use the Sizing Chart to determine your size

If your measurement is on the borderline between sizes, select the smaller size for a tighter fit and the larger size for a looser fit.


SizeWaist (in.)Hips (in.)
Youth X-Small22-2426-28
Youth Small24-2628-30
Youth Medium26-2830-32.5
Youth Large28-3032.5-35
Adult Small30-3235-37
Adult Medium32-3437-39
Adult Large34-3740-43
Adult X-Large38-4144-47
Adult XX-Large42-4548-51


SizeWaist (cm.)Hips (cm.)
Youth X-Small56-6166-71
Youth Small61-6671-76
Youth Medium66-7176-83
Youth Large71-7683-89
Adult Small76-8189-94
Adult Medium81-8694-99
Adult Large86-94102-109
Adult X-Large97-104112-119
Adult XX-Large107-114122-130

Here are some examples of how to deal with sizing issues:

In general, the hip measurement is the most important, but different body types have different sizing requirements. Remember that the waist measurement should be taken just below the belly button.

1) If the waist measurement indicates one size different than the hips, try the size indicated by the hip measurement. (Example 1: Waist is Adult Small, Hips are Adult Medium – select the Adult Medium.)

2) If the waist and hips indicate sizes that are two sizes apart, try the size that is in between the two. (Example 2: Waist is Adult Small, Hips are Adult Large – select the Adult Medium.)

3) If the waist and hips indicate sizes that are three sizes apart, try the size that is one away from the hip size. (Example 3A: Waist is Adult Small, Hips are Adult X-Large – select the Adult Large. Example 3B: Waist is Adult X-Large, Hips are Adult Small – select the Adult Medium.)

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