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Stuntman Jake wearing padded shorts


Get Protection Now!

Don't head to the hospital, head to the halfpipe!

When you wipe out next (be honest, we know you will), do you want to be taken to hospital in an ambulance and be out 8 weeks because of a broken hip, or do you want just a bruise? When you slide down the vert, do you want road rash or just ripped jeans?

If you buy a set of TortoisePads, you will have the protection you’ve been waiting for – double and triple density foam that cushions your hips from crushing falls while still being lightweight, comfortable, and flexible enough to accomodate every need you have. With this equipment, you will be able to get up and keep shredding it without having to worry about being laid out.

Padded shorts without elastic

Welcome to the official site for TortoisePads®! Our innovative technology provides you with the action sports padding you’ve been waiting for. Skateboarders, BMX Riders, scooter riders, and many more athletes love this product, and we’re sure you will too.

Wear something that is both cool AND smart. You don’t have to look dorky to be safe. Finally. TortoisePads have a cool 2-tone swirl design that doesn’t add bulk to your pants the way other pads do. Plus, they actually protect you when you fall (sorry Triple 8 Bumsaver fans).