What is your warranty?

We warranty our padded shorts and other products against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 120 days from the date of purchase by the original owner. This warranty is not transferable to any subsequent owner. Tortoise Pads® padded shorts are undergarments and must be worn under shorts, pants, or other outer wear. This warranty does not cover 1. normal wear and tear; 2. damage caused by tears or holes in the outerwear; 3. damaged caused from use of the product without wearing outerwear; 4. damage caused by use of the product in manners other than its normal and customary use. This warranty does NOT extend to and excludes products purchased from non-authorized dealers. Please contact Tortoise Pads® Customer Service to file a warranty claim.

I ordered too soon! Can I cancel my order?

Please contact Tortoise Pads® Customer Service if you choose to cancel your order. To receive a full refund of product cost, taxes and shipping charge you must cancel your order before it is shipped. All refunds will be issued in the same payment method as the original payment. Additionally, custom and special order products are non-refundable.

How will my package ship in the USA?

All of our products are in stock unless otherwise noted on our website. Orders usually ship within 1 to 2 business days. We will send you a tracking number when your order is ready to ship.

We ship orders placed within the USA via USPS first class or priority mail. You should receive your order within 3 business days from the time it was shipping.

 Once an item is sent to the shipping carrier the risk of loss is passed to the purchaser.

What do International Customers need to know about shipping and taxes?

International Shipping:
All of our products are in stock unless otherwise noted on our website. Orders usually ship within 1 to 2 business days. We will send you a tracking number when your order is ready to ship.

We ship international orders via USPS First Class International. This service provides detailed tracking information while the package is in the USA and delivery confirmation in the destination country. There is no guarantee of detailed tracking information once the USPS transfers your package to the mail service outside of the USA. We recommend that you try your tracking number with the mail service in your home country to check for additional tracking information. Your package will have to go through customs which can be as quick as a few days, but can take several weeks as well. We have no control over the time it takes to clear customs and no way to monitor the packages progress. The entire shipping process usually take 1 to 5 weeks.

Once an item is sent to the shipping carrier the risk of loss is passed to the purchaser.

International Taxes:
Taxes and Custom fees may apply in the destination country and must be paid by the recipient at the time of delivery. These charges are not included in the price of the merchandise or the cost of shipping.

For Example:
Shipments to the United Kingdom: You must pay a 20% VAT on orders shipped to the UK. In addition, the Royal Mail charges a flat fee of £8 to collect the VAT. You will have to pay these charges at the time of delivery.

Please check your local tax and tariff laws for the most current information.

Tortoise Pads® has no control over the amount of taxes or fees charged by other countries.

My order was damaged during shipping. What can I do?

If your order arrives damaged please contact Tortoise Pads® Customer Service to file a damaged in shipping claim.

Can I return my pads?

If you are not completely satisfied with your order from Tortoise Pads®, you can return unused merchandise in its original condition with all the original packaging within 14 days from the receipt of your order. You must have a dated proof of purchase to return an item. We will only refund the cost of the merchandise and US sales tax. We will not refund shipping charges or import taxes and fees paid, except in the case of product defect. All refunds will be issued in the same payment method as the original payment. Contact Tortoise Pads® Customer Service to request a return authorization.

Keep in mind that when trying on your Tortoise Pads® padded shorts for size and fit you must wear additional underwear. We do not accept the return of soiled garments. If you use your Tortoise Pads® for any activity, you cannot return them, except in the case of product defect.

Holiday Extended Return Policy – Orders placed from November 15 through December 24 are given an extended return period and can be returned within 14 days from December 25. You must contact customer service by January 8 to receive a return authorization.

How can I tell which model of Tortoise Pads® Shorts I have ?

T2 Model – The T2 shorts have pockets on the outside of the shorts for accessing the pads. The pocket material is a solid spandex fabric and the pads cannot be seen through it. See the T2 Sizing Chartclick here

Original Model – The original Tortoise Pads Shorts have slits on the inside of the shorts to access the pads. The outer fabric of the shorts is a mesh material and the pads can be seen thought the mesh when looking at the outside of the shorts. See the Original Shorts Sizing Chartclick here

What are dual density pads?

Dual density pads have an outer layer that is a denser foam with inner layers that are made of a less dense foam. The combination of the two densities of foam results in a pad that gives greater protection while minimizing foam thickness.

How can I clean my pads?

You should hand wash your Tortoise Pads® padded shorts in cold water with no bleach. You can wash your shorts with the pads left in, or with the pads out, then hang or lie flat to dry. Do not leave pads in direct sunlight. Also, do not machine dry. Allow shorts to dry completely before use. If you accidentally cook your pads in the sun and the pads flatten out, contact us for instruction on how to re-shape them.

How do I replace my pads?

These instruction apply to the Original Tortoise Pads design and not the T2 design. Instructions for the replacing pads in the T2 design will be posted soon.

You can remove and replace your Original Tortoise Pads® padding with a little practice. To change the pads:

1) First, carefully remove the pads through the opening in each pocket.

2) Next, turn shorts inside out.

3) Then insert the leg pads located below the hip pads. Fat side of pad goes in first.

4) Now, insert the two glute pads and then the tailbone pad.

5) Then turn the shorts right side out.

6) Finally, insert the hip pads through the top of the shorts and you’re ready to go.

View a PDF or a YouTube instructional video for more information.

How do I join the Tortoise Pads Riders?

Tortoise Pads® Riders represent our products through social media and networking. Additionally, they are part of our brand and promote our company image in a positive manner. Therefore, you must meet certain criteria to apply to be a part of our team. Unfortunately, we are currently not adding to our rider list.

If I wear your pads can I still get injured?

We have designed Tortoise Pads® padded shorts to provide considerable protection. However, we do not claim or guarantee that injuries will not occur. You must wear the product correctly to get the maximum benefit. Tortoise Pads® takes no responsibility for accidents that may occur while using our products. Furthermore, we highly recommend the use of additional protective equipment such as helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards.