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Welcome to the official site for TortoisePads®! Our innovative technology provides you with impact protection shorts for action sports that you’ve been waiting for. Skateboarders, BMX riders, scooter riders, hockey players and many more athletes love this product, and we’re sure you will too. Please check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for more pictures of riders.


“Tortoise Pads are without a doubt the most superior padded shorts I’ve ever worn. As a vertical skateboarder over 40 years old, I take falls from huge heights to my hips and tail bone. Tortoise Pads keeps me being able to do what I love. The padding is stronger than all the other 5 brands I’ve tried over many years and Tortoise are very comfortable and do not restrict my mobility which is key. They also let you choose the size of thickness of pads you would like plus you can remove the pads easily from the shorts to wash them then put them back in. Perfect engineering and design.” – Adam Effertz

Vert Skateboarding
Stuntman Jake wearing padded shorts

Wear padded shorts that are both cool AND smart. You don’t have to look awkward to be safe. Finally.

Tortoise Pads are constructed in a design that doesn’t add bulk to your pants the way other pads do. Plus, they provide great protection when you hit the ground. We can’t guarantee you won’t get hurt, but we can guarantee Tortoise Pads will help cushion your fall. So which will you choose? Will you choose to do tricks without protection, or will you choose to be smart and look awesome doing it?

What are Tortoise Pads, really?

Tortoise Pads are shorts combined with protective butt pads and protective hip pads. Wear them underneath your regular pants to help cushion your falls. Made of lightweight yet dense foam, these shorts give the wearer more mobility without sacrificing protection or comfort. That foam is a high rebound EVA product designed to spring back into place upon release. Plus, these pads don’t wear out after 3 weeks of use. They will last session after session without losing their form and serve you for years to come.

Foam for our padded shorts
Jordan Clark Pro Scooter

Padded Shorts for Action Sports

We specifically engineered our impact protection shorts for action sports and other high energy, high mobility activities. They are ideal for skateboarders, scooter riders and hockey players. However, we have BMX riders, rollerbladers, and athletes in other sports that wear them as well. No matter what sport you compete in, you can have the confidence of knowing that Tortoise Pads are there to protect you.

Our designers are constantly thinking of new ways to accommodate the needs of other sports.  Football, ice skating, snowboarding, you name it – our goal is to protect everyone. Please let us know if you would like us to put your sport first on our list of new products.

Tortoise Pads® are proudly made in the U.S.A.

We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoy making them.